I am just asking (for curiosity) whether there exist other terminal emulators in linux/ubuntu that understand escape sequence's for other terminal types (just like gnome-terminal does for xterm), vt52 for example.

I did try setting $TERM=vt52 but it goes nuts so I don't think gnome-terminal does that.


You need to tell your xterm to simulate a VT52, and you need to tell your environment that you run a VT52. So use xterm -ti vt52 -tn vt52. The first parameter sets up VT52 emulation, the second parameter sets up $TERM in the virtual environment (it is a virtual terminal, after all).

On my system, this is enough to make "clear" work in a VT52 emulation.

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Xterm itself is a VTxxx emulator – the "xterm" protocol is a superset of VT102/VT220 in the first place, with some features from VT320/VT420/VT520, and of course some entirely new to Xterm itself. So you could set TERM=vt110 and the programs would work.

(Xterm also supports Tektronix 4014 emulation, but that's not really common.)

The VT52 protocol is a bit different, but even though GNOME Terminal (i.e. libvte) can't understand it, the real Xterm can. It should be enough to run xterm -ti vt52 to activate this.

URxvt (rxvt-unicode) should also support VT52, though I'm not sure how it's enabled (perhaps it's on by default); try urxvt -tn vt52.

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  • I have tried both the xterm and urxvt as you said, both don't behave the way the should for the their respective escape sequences. For example, I printf the clear and home sequences using C programs (by looking at infocmp vt52) but they don't clear the screen or move the cursor to 0,0. – AbbasFaisal Jul 19 '15 at 22:08
  • Also tried TERM=vt110 but that doesn't seem to work as well. – AbbasFaisal Jul 19 '15 at 22:14

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