I want to assign a keyboard short cut within ConEmu that will open a new tab, in the same directory as the current tab is within.

So something like:

-new_console:d:[<pwd>]%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i

where [<pwd>] runs pwd or grabs the $PWD environment variable. Or any command that would get the current working directory.


Currently I have a bash script set up:

    pwd | sed -e 's/\//\\/g ' | sed 's/^.//' | sed 's/^c/C:/g'
 ConEmu.exe -new_console:d:"$(winpwda)" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Git\bin\sh.exe" &

running "nc" will now open a new window with a git bash ConEmu in the current directory. Annoyingly if I use "cmd" instead of "ConEmu.exe" it successfully opens it in a new tab instead of a new window. Also not sure how i can assign a bash argument as a keyboard short cut...

  • ConEmu.exe? It doesn't have switch -new_console. You must use proper executable to get proper result! Ex. ConEmuC -c bash.exe ...
    – Maximus
    Jul 20, 2015 at 19:13

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ConEmu's docs clearly state what user shall to configure.

For bash user has to add to bash profile


And set up a call of Shell function in the Keys&Macros. Example assumes you have {Git bash} task.

Shell("new_console", "{Git bash}", "", "%CD%")
  • Thank you for the advice, I was definitely on the wrong track, I was looking at "Startup->Tasks->HotKey". So I assigned "Shell("new_console", "{Git bash}", "", "%CD%")" as a macro and added PROMPT_COMMAND to my bashrc but it fails with "directory name is invalid" %CD% Jul 20, 2015 at 12:37
  • Also "PROMPT_COMMAND='ConEmuC -StoreCWD'" throws this error: Parsing command line failed (/C argument not found): "c:\Program Files (x86)\EliteTools\ConEmuPack.140812\ConEmu\ConEmuC.exe" -StoreCWD Jul 20, 2015 at 12:44
  • Really? Version from what year you are using?
    – Maximus
    Jul 20, 2015 at 17:03
  • I also needed to put ``` if [ -n "${ConEmuWorkDir}" ]; then cd "$ConEmuWorkDir" fi ``` to my .bashrc, see tips here. Sep 27, 2017 at 19:20

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