When I log to my SSH, I have 2 screen sessions:

screen -list
There are screens on:
        4278.chat       (07/16/15 14:26:47)     (Attached)
        15127.notifier  (07/16/15 13:27:57)     (Detached)
2 Sockets

I try to resume the chat screen:

screen -r chat
There is a screen on:
        4278.chat       (07/16/15 14:26:47)     (Attached)
There is no screen to be resumed matching chat.

How can I resume the 'chat' screen ?


it's still attached. Meaning you can't reattach with -r. Try -x instead. This should work. With -x, you have multiple parties attached to the same screen

Edit 1 You can also remotely detach a screen with -D. Or combine it with -D -r. Force it with -D -R. Or even do everything your possible by saying -D -RR.

-x only allows you to use this screen with other together. I use this for my home network, when I am too lazy to turn around to the other keyboard to type something in.

Here, have a look at the manual. It describes it fairly well: man screen

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