I am having a new ADSL2+ Modem Router. I brought it few days back when my old one got complaint. It's working well but it doesn't have good connectivity in specific places.

Today I received my old Modem Router replaced from service centre but not I have one not using..

This is my doubt. Can I split the main telephone line using splitter and connect both of them to two different Modem Routers (as shown in image below)?. If not possible I will have to sell one.

  • Excuse me... Where's the image? I'm almost running out of popcorn. – Larssend Jul 24 '15 at 9:59
  • The simple answer would be: No. Certainly in the UK you can only have one ADSL Internet over one telephone line/number. If you are having problems with connectivity in a different area of your building then I would recommend purchasing a wifi repeater or, if your second router can be configured in this way, configuring it to act as a wifi bridge so that you connect it to your new modem/router with a long Ethernet cable and place it in the dead area of your building. – Kinnectus Jul 24 '15 at 10:15
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    @BigChris: Certainly nothing to do with the UK. ADSL is a point-to-point link over a POTS line. The signalling simply does not permit splitters. A bridge/repeater would be the best option. – qasdfdsaq Jul 24 '15 at 10:43

Generally, splitters are designed for 1 Modem and 1 Telephone connection. Telephones use a lower frequency than ADSL.

I would strongly recommend not using the port meant for telephones.

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