Our internal website links to Excel files on a network-mapped drive. The links specify the filename and worksheet to open, in the following format (path and link information omitted):


This works fine with Excel 2003, but we're moving to Excel 2007, which won't even open the file if that extra information is present.

I haven't been able to find a definitive answer on whether this feature has been removed (or the syntax changed) in 2007. Any help will be highly appreciated!

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    You should ask this to Microsoft guys. support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?gprid=8753&st=1 – Mehper C. Palavuzlar Feb 11 '10 at 13:08
  • @Mepher: SU exists so that questions can be asked. If you don't know the answer, then don't post. -1 if I could. – guitarthrower Apr 21 '10 at 19:55
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    @Ben: you've omitted the path and link information, but I think that might be helpful in solving the issue. Can you provide (at least obfuscated) the path and link? – guitarthrower Apr 21 '10 at 19:56
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    @guitarthrower: Mehper's comment came a month after this question was initially posted. suggesting another resource to the asker of a month-old, not-answered question isn't a bad thing. – quack quixote Apr 22 '10 at 1:30
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    @quack quixote: good point. Didn't notice that. – guitarthrower Apr 22 '10 at 15:18

You can create a VBS script to do this. Save the following as filename.vbs:

Dim xlApp
Dim wbkTemp
Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set wbkTemp= xlApp.Workbooks.Open("c:\folder\file.xls")
xlApp.Visible = True

and create a shortcut to this .vbs file.

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