I often receive emails with blank To and Cc columns in my Outlook.

There are 2 possibilities for me receiving the email:

  1. I was Bcc'd, or
  2. A mailing list (which I'm part of) was Bcc'd.

How can I pin down which of the above 2 is correct? Is there an option in Outlook that will let me show the Bcc field? I know I wouldn't know all other people who were Bcc'd, but that's anyway not what I'm looking for. Why would outlook not display this anyway?

This is a similar question, but I'm more keen on finding out why I'm receiving the email in the first place.


The only possible way is to look at message's internet headers. Some email servers save original recipient in one of the X-headers. There are no other ways. So, if you can't see anything useful in there then you have to ask the sender of the message, sorry.

For Outlook 2007, this is how you view the internet header.

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