I’m a mac user and I was thinking about switching to Ubuntu since Apple is becoming a little to expensive for me. One of the first things I couldn’t live without is a good package manager. Now, brew has a lot of things. Actually 99% of the time I needed something I wrote brew install coolstuff and I was done. With Ubuntu all I found is apt-get and yum and they basically can’t do anything. Want to install java? nope. Want to get docker? Go download it yourself. You need a game to relax? Remember to type sudo because every game apparently needs to write to the kernel.


apt-get is Ubuntu's package manager. If you use a package manager from another distro, Bad Things May Happen™. I think you're mistaken in thinking that brew has more content than Ubuntu's repositories; you might need to read up on how to use it.

If you're looking to add more content to the package manager, you may want to enable the Universe and Multiverse repositories, or look for a PPA that has what you want.

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