I have a calculation like this


I want to multiple these calculation by just dragging it down. So I don't need to type the calculation for each row. The values B8 and C8 shall increase to B9 / C9, B10 / C10 and so on. But I want to be B2 fixed (shall not increase).

B2 is just a variable in this calculation. So it's not okay to hard code this value into the calculation.

Is this possible? And yes: how?

I tagged this with and since I don't care too much about which tool I'll use. But I'll prefer an answer for google docs.


Place dollar signs like this: $B$2

Dollar signs are used for absolute references. They allow you to copy the rest of the formula down without changing that cell.

You can also do: $B1 or B$2

These will make it so the column or row will not change, respectively

  • BTW. the F4 key is a shortcut to placing these dollar signs on a cell identifier. Just click into your formula where you want to put your absolute reference ( B2 in your case ) and hit the F4 key to toggle the absolute reference. – Jamiho Jul 25 '15 at 12:31
  • F4 is valid for Excel, LibreOffice uses SHIFT+F4 for the same thing. – Hannu Jul 25 '15 at 16:28

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