Using the Evernote web clipper, I have the option to clip Youtube video pages.


This results in a note with an embedded video thumbnail, which when clicked opens the Youtube page:

enter image description here

How can I manually add a video to an Evernote note to have it show up in this manner?


There is no way to do this. Here is the answer from an Evernote developer: https://www.quora.com/Is-it-possible-to-embed-a-video-in-Evernote/answer/Brett-Kelly:

If you're a Premium user, you can store a video file in Evernote (provided it's 50mb or less), but there's currently no way to embed a playable video (a la YouTube or similar).

  • Sorry about that. It's fixed. – rpeg Dec 31 '17 at 5:25

Indeed you'll have to manually do it:

  1. Get a thumbnail to represent the video you want to link to.
  2. Add it to your note.
  3. Select the picture/thumbnail (left click).
  4. Go to the Evernote menu at the top of the window and click Format.
  5. Ten click Hyperlink.
  6. Finally Add and paste there the link to open the video page.
  • That doesn't describe a process of embedding. That's just linking. – rpeg Dec 30 '17 at 20:48

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