I run

fdupes -rd /home/masi/Documents/

I get files from my old editor (TexPad of OSX) in many folders which I do not need:

[1] /home/masi/Documents/.texpadtmp/pirkanmaa.out
[2] /home/masi/Documents/.texpadtmp/pirkanmaa2.out
[3] /home/masi/Documents/.texpadtmp/pirkanmaa3.out

Set 258 of 2664, preserve files [1 - 3, all]: 3

   [-] /home/masi/Documents/.texpadtmp/pirkanmaa.out
   [-] /home/masi/Documents/.texpadtmp/pirkanmaa2.out
   [+] /home/masi/Documents/.texpadtmp/pirkanmaa3.out

There are only options [1-3, all] but I want to delete all those files in the interactive mode. How can you delete all options in fdupes?

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The fdupes delete option is meant for just deleting duplicates. It requires that you preserve at least one of the duplicate files because once it deletes every duplicate but one, that last one is no longer a duplicate, so it is out of fdupes domain.

Having said that, there are times when you want to delete all files anyway. So I made a patch to fdupes that adds a none! option at the preserve prompt. The fdupes maintainers will have to decide whether or not to accept this patch, but in the meantime, you can build it yourself if your machine is set up for development:

git clone -b preserve-none [email protected]:Motardo/fdupes.git
cd fdupes
make fdupes
sudo make install

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