I have a question: I'm working on a computer that has no secondary display output, but another computer in the network has one. Is this possible to extend the second monitor through X11 with the computer which hasn't a secondary display ?

CA: computer which has only one VGA output CB: computer which has VGA/DVI outputs MA: monitor of the CA and CB (using a device which could switch the source computer) MB: monitor for extended desktop

CA -> MA CB -> MA+MB (extended desktop)

Both CA and CB are on Linux (X11)

All I want to know if this is possible to do

CA -> MA+MB (through X11) CB -> MA+MB (normal extended desktop feature)

Is that possible ?


I use Xephyr for this, which you will have to download from the repos.

On the screen of the machine where you want the display, issue the command:

   Xephyr -ac :7  -screen widthxheight

(remember the x between width and height). The option ac abolishes further controls, the :7 instructs Xephyr to use the display #7. You can do this even from an ssh session, see the command wmctrl to learn how to move your window to the display you wish to use.

On the machine which has no screen, use:

     xhost +IP.Address.Of.The.Other.Machine:7
     export DISPLAY=IP.Address.Of.The.Other.Machine:7

or start whichever graphical session or application you like.

All of this is rather insecure, both because of the use of xhost and because of the use of un-encrypted communication channel. At home it might be ok, at work or at school it could be dangerous, on public AP it should be avoided at all costs.

  • It's not exactly what he wants here. This solution will not allow an "extended desktop" on two monitors I think. However, I heard of Xdmx which I think is exactly what he wants: use 2 screens connected to different computers on a single X server enabling extended desktop with Xinerama. I've never tried it though. – piernov Jul 27 '15 at 16:39

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