With a fresh installation of Debian 8 (KDE) using Iceweasel I can only play YouTube videos with 360p resolution and lower.

(Can't post screenshot due to low reputation :/)

There is a solution that works with Fedora 20 (https://superuser.com/a/903715/233157) but not with Debian 8. If I apply the proposed changes that are:

  • Requesting html5 playback on (Can't post link due to low reputation :/)
  • in about:config turning on
    • media.mediasource.enabled
    • media.mediasource.youtubeonly
    • media.mediasource.mp4.enabled
    • media.mediasource.webm.enabled
    • media.fragmented-mp4.exposed
    • media.fragmented-mp4.ffmpeg.enabled

I am able to switch to higher resolutions but the video frame remains black. The sound works fine.

(Can't post screenshot due to low reputation :/)

How can I play high definition videos on YouTube on Debian 8 using Iceweasel?

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Updating Iceweasel to 38.2.1esr-1~deb8u1 resolved the issue. Out of the box only 720p is available but activating mediasource extentions as described above (not all steps necessary) unlocked the 1080p resolution.

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