I just changed out an old Linksys WRT54GS wireless router for a TP-Link TL-WR841N wireless router. I immediately flashed the router to use DD-WRT.

Everything went seamlessly except that my Windows 8.1 desktop can no longer see my Brother HL-2270DW network printer. The printer has a reserved DHCP address of on my local network. I can reach the printer's web interface from Google Chrome on my Android device and from my Windows 7 laptop by simply entering the IP address in the browser's address bar. I can print to the printer from my Windows 7 laptop, also.

I cannot connect to the printer in any way from Windows 8.1. I can connect to the Internet through the router on Windows 8.1. I can connect to all other devices on the local network through Windows 8.1.

Both tracert and ping failed (using the known good reserved IP address of Initially they failed with a "Destination host unreachable" error. It appeared there was an "Invalid" entry in the ARP table of the Win 8.1 machine. I added a static ARP entry with the following command:

netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors Ethernet 00-1b-a9-12-34-56

Now ping and tracert return timeout errors instead of host unreachable errors.

  • This question appears similar to mine. One solution might address both problems. I think there's enough value in the different wording of the questions to leave them both in place, though. – mwolfe02 Jul 28 '15 at 2:36
  • This answer may solve my problem, but I'm not sure how to change or verify the settings in DD-WRT: serverfault.com/a/131163/25995 – mwolfe02 Sep 13 '15 at 18:10

This answer to a related question solves this problem for me as well. The short answer is it appears to be (what I would consider) a bug with DD-WRT's default configuration. By default, DD-WRT does not enable communication between wired clients on a wireless router. This "vlan" setting must be manually set via the following commands:

swconfig dev eth0 set enable_vlan 1
swconfig dev eth0 set apply

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