So I have this Task in ConEmu which creates several split consoles. In some of them I run a mongo database. Sometimes I terminate the database and leave the console open. Normally in a command line window I would just press UP and it would show up the last command - the one that run the mongo database with parameters. However, when I run it like this:

cmd /k mongod --port 27017 --dbpath C:\Users\mimko_000\mongo\ --replSet rs0 --smallfiles --oplogSize 128 -cur_console:n

then when I terminate with CTRL+C and press UP nothing shows - because the command window does not remember it.

Can I rerun this somehow with CONEMU? When I try to run this task, it will open a new console. I have this in a set of 4 splitted console windows and I would like to continue in the bottom left one, but the task always creates a new one.


Have you even seen Tab's menu or keyboard shortcuts?

ConEmu provides "Recreate active console" action (default hotkey is Win`) and "Restart..." menu item.

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  • Daaaaamn, I missed that, silly me. N00b with your soft. – Ev0oD Jul 28 '15 at 13:07

For now I have a workaround: I found that CTRL+SHIFT+O will run the same script in a new window beneath and CTRL+SHIFT+E will run the former script in a new window to the right.

This is good enough for me, although it requires you to terminate the previous window which is up or to the left respectively.

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