How can I completely disable cookies and JavaScript in Internet Explorer 6 (under Windows XP). This is for testing purposes.


How to disable Java in Internet Explorer 6:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options... .

  2. Click the Security tab.

  3. Click Custom Level... .

    • Java: Scroll to the Java section (under "Java VM", under "Java permissions"). To disable Java, click Disable Java (to re-enable Java, click a different setting, such as High Safety or Medium Safety.)

    • JavaScript: Scroll to the Active scripting section of the list (under "Scripting") Click Disable (or Enable).

  4. Close and restart your browser.

To block cookies in Internet Explorer 6 go to Tools, choose Internet Options..., select the Privacy tab, click the Advanced button, clear the box Override automatic cookie handling and make your choices.

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