I am attempting to obtain an array of only values that meet certain criteria.

I have an array in which the meeting of these criteria is summarised in a column of TRUE/FALSE for each entry, as such

1     TRUE
2     TRUE
3     FALSE
4     FALSE
5     FALSE
6     TRUE
7     TRUE
8     TRUE
9     FALSE
10    FALSE

I wish to obtain, in a separate sheet, a list, without gaps, of all indexes that have true in the column "MEETS_CRITERIA", as below


I am attempting this with the below array formula:


However this returns #N/A.

What is the error in my formula or my approach?

  • TRUE is a Boolean value and as such doesn't need the quotation marks.
    – Clif
    Jul 29 '15 at 20:35

As well as the observation by Clif, your current formula would in any case only be suitable for providing a single return, not the list you give.

For that you would require (assuming you have Excel 2010 or later):


and copied down.

As to masking errors, then, assuming the example you give is representative of your actual set-up - in that there are only a dozen or so rows in the source data - you can afford an otherwise inefficient IFERROR set-up, viz:


If the data range in question is in fact quite large, then it will be much preferable to use an additional cell somewhere in the sheet, e.g. D1, in which a single formula is used to determine the expected number of returns, viz:


which can then be referenced in the main formula itself i.e.:


and will be far more efficient than the IFERROR set-up, for reasons (if you're interested) explained here:

Look up a value in a list and return ALL multiple corresponding values


  • Works perfectly and went above and beyond with the error checking. An excellent answer. Many thanks for your assistance.
    – branches
    Jul 30 '15 at 7:54

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