I came across this post where the answerer wrote

btrfs sub snap -r fs snapshot

among other things, where subvolume and snapshot were substituted for sub and snap. Sure enough, those commands work, but I can't find any documentation for them. Is there a place where the available shorthand btrfs commands are documented?

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The documentation for this is in the man page for btrfs:

It is possible to abbreviate the commands unless the commands are ambiguous. For example: it is possible to run btrfs sub snaps instead of btrfs subvolume snapshot. But btrfs file s is not allowed, because file s may be interpreted both as filesystem show and as filesystem sync. If a command is terminated by --help, the detailed help is showed. If the passed command matches more commands, detailed help of all the matched commands is showed. For example btrfs dev --help shows the help of all device* commands.

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