Someone complained to me that they get DEP errors in XP when running PDFCreator. I have never had such an issue. I looked on the sourceforge forum for PDFCreator and it seems some people do have this problem. I've yet to see a specific cause, or an example of the developer responding to these complaints. Does anyone know what the cause of the issue is?


Well, the basic idea of DEP implies the fundamental cause: PDFCreator is trying to execute code in a memory segment that XP thinks is data. One reason that this might be happening to others and not to you is that your DEP policy is probably the default OptIn, and theirs might be set to a more-restrictive OptOut or AlwaysOn.

The more specific reason why DEP is being triggered is a matter of some deep debugging in PDFCreator.

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  • @chaos, I understand what a DEP is. I'm looking for the specific reason that this one is triggered. – Justin Dearing Jul 31 '09 at 13:02
  • Okay. If DEP policy level isn't specific enough, then you need to find someone who can replicate the error (or possibly replicate it yourself by changing DEP policy) and run PDFCreator under a debugger and see what code it is that's triggering DEP. And hope that running it under a debugger doesn't prevent the error from happening. – chaos Jul 31 '09 at 15:38

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