I switched to Windows 10 but the email address I gave it was not the email address that I want associated with the account (the instructions were not clear). How do I change my account to be with another email address? And I do not want an alias, I want to move my Windows 10 account to another account.

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    Settings->Sign-in options. Select switch to local account, then after you restart, connect the local account to the correct Microsoft Account. If that does not answer your question you will need to better explain what your question is.
    – Ramhound
    Commented Aug 1, 2015 at 11:40
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    As of 2016, "Sign in with a local account instead" has moved to Settings -> Accounts -> Your Info. It is no longer under Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options, even though semantically it would belong there.
    – cdaddr
    Commented Nov 14, 2016 at 17:00

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For the last version of Windows 10, I've tried in many ways to dissociate my admin account with a bad Microsoft email account, but failed. Finally, I succeeded by deletion/recreation of the admin account, say goodadmin:

Before proceeding, please make a backup of personnal data for the admin user account goodadmin.

Following are detailed steps:

  1. Log in as current administrator account, named goodadmin.
  2. Settings/Accounts, add a new temporary admin account, named for instance tempadmin.
  3. Log out from goodadmin session.
  4. Log in with tempadmin/password.
  5. Settings/Accounts, delete the old administrator account goodadmin. Danger, this will delete all data for goodadmin account, documents, music, downloads...
  6. Restart Computer and log in with tempadmin/password.
  7. Settings/Accounts, create a new admin account named goodadmin, just as the original name used as you install your Windows 10.
  8. Restart computer and log in with goodadmin/password.
  9. Settings/Accounts, delete the administrator user account tempadmin temporary created.
  10. Restart computer, log in with goodadmin/password.

You now restored your original system, without the bad email associated with goodadmin account.

With this method, I've gotten rid of the family security setting constraints for my good admin account, imposed to the bad email account of a child hours control.

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