I have currently updated my machine to Windows 10 and wanted to explore tablet mode. However, I do not know how to turn it off once I turn it on.

I am a bit afraid that my desktop will get “stuck” on tablet mode.

How do I quit tablet mode in Windows 10?

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From the "Settings" app:

  1. System
  2. Tablet mode
  3. When this device automatically switches tablet mode on or off
  4. Don’t ask me and don’t switch

From the "Action Center":

  1. To Turn On Tablet Mode

  2. Click/tap on the Action Center (Win+A) system icon in the taskbar notification area.

  3. At the bottom of the Action Center, click/tap on the Tablet mode button to toggle it on (blue) or off (gray) for what you want.

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Source Tablet Mode - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

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Playing around in Tablet mode, I found this way to get back to Windows mode: Start > Control Panel > System & Security > Security & Maintenance > Recovery > PC Settings > (Find a Setting) - type in Tablet Mode >

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