Upgraded Windows-7 to Windows-10, previous windows had ALPS driver package but now WinUpdate push Synaptics driver (v19.0.13.0). Unfortunately it does not bring wizard panel to set tap+doubletap+additional settings.

Windows only allow generic dialog values (swap left/right, mouse speed). Values set this registry values.


I want to disable tap and doubletap features. I tried this registry value but did nothing. Do anyone has a working Touchpad properties dialog and could identify registry value of Tap_on_touchpad=on/off and Doubletap_on_touchpad=on/off features?

Lenovo has released Synaptics Win10-64bit installer but Synaptics site does not give a generic installer. I don't feel comfortable to try this if Properties dialog was available again. Wish someone could dump Synaptics Registry tree and I could try direct registry values first.

edit: I have PackardBell EasyNote TJ75, added link to Lenovo.

  • PackardBell EasyNote TJ75 and puzzled me Win10 update pushed me Synaptics driver immmediately. I want to disable tap+doubletap features but unable to do so. DeviceManager/DriverDetails show it's synaptics dll driver. Was thinking it may use synaptics registry values. – Whome Aug 2 '15 at 16:58
  • 1
    Neither of those versions are event close to the current version. Download the current version from Synaptics and/or the product specification page for your laptop. – Ramhound Aug 2 '15 at 17:43
  • Neither? I don't know version of ALPS dll (previous Win7) but Win10-upgrade after first reboot forcefully pushed Synaptics driver and no longer is properties dialog available. I can see this Win8 v17.0.19 link in synaptics site link but no Win10 and WinUpdate gave 19.x. PackardBell site has years old win7 stuff only. – Whome Aug 2 '15 at 18:00
  • Found link telling Lenovo has released Synaptics v19.0.12.61 installer. Synaptics does not still provide a generic Win10 download link for some reason. Not comfortable to try Lenovo driver but maybe it's a last resort give Properties dialog if none has direct Registry values available. – Whome Aug 3 '15 at 7:39

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