I installed mongoDB on my Mac running OS X 10.10.4.

When I did which mongo I got:

mongo not found

I tried to install mongodb again but I got this:

Warning: mongodb-3.0.5 already installed, it's just not linked

What can I do?


Seems like a issue regarding the application path. Installation on Mac OSX doesn't add MongoDB automatically to the system path.

As stated by the official documentation here, MongoDB binaries are in the bin/ directory. One way to fix your issue would to be add the following line to the ~/.bashrc file:

export PATH=<mongodb-install-directory>/bin:$PATH

Replace <mongodb-install-directory> with the path to the extracted MongoDB archive.

If all else seems to not work, cd into the folder and run mongod using

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    The "... already installed, it's just not linked" error suggests installation was done using Homebrew, in which case commands such as brew link ... are easier. (But the question lacks any details, so kudos for the answer.) – Arjan Aug 2 '15 at 18:16

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