I have a CSV/TXT file with a list of network names and passwords (together with network/password/encryption types) that looks like this:

  ***Networkname1***    ESS WPAPSK  TKIP    passPhrase  ***password1***
  ***Networkname2***    ESS WPAPSK  TKIP    passPhrase  ***password2***
  ***Networkname3***    ESS open    WEP     networkKey  ***password3***
  etc etc

I am trying to import the wi-fi network settings (for wireless hotspots) to the Mac's Keychain app as I have just moved from a Windows 7 machine to a Mac (Yosemite).

Any ideas? Perhaps I can edit the Keychain file that keeps the list of network names and passwords?

Perhaps there is a way to edit a Keychain file that contains all the wifi passwords.

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You're going to need to write a script to read your csv and parse it properly to one of the following terminal commands:

Apple has a KB of the security command (keychain access manager).

You'll need something like:

security add-generic-password -a $User -D "network password" -S $SSID -w $Password

Like -

security add-generic-password -a Raystafarian -D "network password" -S Raystafarian -w MyPassword

There's also the networksetup command KB to join a network -

networksetup setairportnetwork $device_name $SSID $Password

You can find which device name to use with

networksetup -listallhardwareports

You can also set preferred networks with (This is what I would use)

networksetup -addpreferredwirelessnetworkatindex $device_name $SSID $Index $Security_type $Password

Like -

networksetup -addprefferedwirelessnetworkatindex en1 Raystafarian 1 WPA2 MyPassword

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