I have a situation. I have three columns

|    A    |  B  |   C   |
|Category | Sub | Price |

Column A is basically Category column, column B is Sub Category and "C" is price.

I need to add the prices in column C if the category names and sub categories names are Same. Data structure is like below:

|A    |B      | C  |
Cat A | Sub A | 100
Cat A | Sub A | 100
Cat A | Sub B | 100
Cat A | Sub A | 100
Cat B | Sub A | 100
Cat B | Sub B | 200
Cat B | Sub B | 100

So what I need to add the values for rows with similar A and B and make it one row.

For example, in Excel find all Cat A and Sub A and make one row, add all values of these:

Cat A | Sub A | 300
Cat A | Sub B | 100
Cat B | Sub B | 300

I used the 'consolidate' option, but it's only taking one left column, so it' not preserving the column B data if I choose the data based on column A.

Please help.

  • Don't reinvent the wheel, this is exactly what pivot tables are for. – Kyle Aug 3 '15 at 21:19
  • You can use Remove Duplicates feature to get only unique records.

Select Column A i.e, category and Column B i.e, Sub-Category and use Remove Duplicates or use Unique Records feature in the Advanced filter. and paste the records some where else.

Here , Don't select Column C i.e, Price

After, You will get Two columns with unique records.

cat   sub-cat
---   -------
Cat A   Sub-cat A
Cat A   Sub-cat B
Cat B   Sub-Cat A
Cat B   Sub-Cat B

Now, you can use Sumifs formula

The second method and simple way is to use Pivot Tables as mentioned in the comments

  • thank you @harsha for your suggestion. I used Pivot table that Kyle suggested and it worked like charm. I totally forgot the pivot option :) – user3550203 Aug 4 '15 at 21:24

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