Since Windows 10 was released my environment starts behaving strange. I have to accounts at Microsoft:

  1. A Microsoft Account foo@sample.com
  2. An O365 acccount foo@sample.com

Until last wednesday everything worked fine. I could for instance open an IE session and log in to my Azure Portal and the O365 Portal with those credentials. Now my O365 account seems to be something like a Microsoft Account which is no Microsoft Account. It seems like they created an AAD account out of it and now I have an organizational and Microsoft account with the same login.

So now Azure Portal states that foo@sample.com is not a valid Microsoft Account when I already logged in the same browser session to O365. I now don't know what the right exit is.

I needed the Microsoft Account because it existed long before the Office 365 account and there was no warning when I created the O365 with the same name.

I've tried to change the mail-alias on my Microsoft Account but that doesn't change anything on the behavior.


There used to be two different logon portals you could use depending on whither you had a Microsoft account or a work account (Azure AD). Microsoft has rolled out changes to their system integrating these into a single logon page.

You see this now when on the login screen "Work or school, or personal Microsoft account"

(the "Work or school" account used to be known as an "organization" account - it exists in Azure AD and is used by business-focused Microsoft Online Services like Office 365, Azure and Dynanmics CRM; the Microsoft account is what has grown out of Windows Live IDs, typically used for consumer-facing services, but also for logging on to Windows PCs)

However when you enter your credentials if the alias exists for both a work and a Microsoft account you should be presented with the option to select which one you want to use enter image description here

If you are not seeing this - try clearing your browser cache and cookies, and navigating directly to https://login.microsoftonline.com/ and then inputting just your email and tabbing into the password box - it should redirect to the page above so you can select which account to use.

  • Thanks for the hint. I see this option. What I in fact want is to merge these two accounts to one. Is this possible somehow? – sprinter252 Sep 7 '15 at 9:04
  • That is not possible – Jesus Shelby Sep 7 '15 at 15:53

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