I'm curious, why does adding an entry to .bashrc cause a link to be overwritten? For example, on a testing machine, I installed Java with apt-get install openjdk-7-jre and then played round with .bashrc by adding alias java="echo Java!". When I ran java from bash, I found that it echoed Java! instead of running java, located at /usr/bin/java. I have also found that this happens with ps, sh and screen. So why is this happening?

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    This is exactly what alias is supposed to do - replace the alias with the specified command when typed in the bash prompt. – baochan Aug 4 '15 at 18:56

Because that is how Bash works. It's in the manual - Aliases have a higher priority when trying to match input up with a command.

The common use of aliases is to override commands; for example:

alias java="\java -Xmx=1G"

The above alias raises the default maximum amount of memory available to a java process from 256MiB to 1GiB. The only way for this to have any useful effect, however, is if when I type java, it runs the alias and not the command.

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