I recently installed Fedora 22 and I'm using GNOME v3.16.2. I am new to Fedora, but moderately experienced with Linux. I cannot figure out how to lock my screen with a keyboard shortcut.

I have tried setting the "Lock Screen" shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+L and Super+L in the keyboard settings. But no matter what I set key binding to, nothing ever happens.

The only way I can lock my screen is to manually open XScreenSaver, start the daemon and manually lock the screen. But this is not the lock screen I am used to from running an older version of GNOME on SUSE 11.


After a couple of days of no responses, I would like to change my question a bit.

  • How can I check that the GNOME screensaver is actually runnable?

  • Can it be launched from the command line? (How?)

  • What is the name of the process so I can check to see if it is actually running?

  • Can I reinstall the lock screen via DNF?

  • after doing a search on GNOME tag, I have discovered that almost all of the questions asked with this tag have gone unanswered. Perhaps there is a better place for these questions. I will comment for others as I find better sources / answers. – Jerunh Aug 6 '15 at 13:20
  • Seems to me that your question ended up being all over the place. Could you updated it to reflect one issue (or two)? Mainly because you are talking about 3 different ways to achieve (almost) the same thing. – slybloty Aug 20 '15 at 18:50

In order to set up keyboard shortcuts you need to go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> System. Then you'll find the Lock screen.
This works for me without any issue.

Also, I recommend installing the Tweak Tool as well.


I just had this problem with a fresh install of Fedora Server 23.
Try running (as root):

dnf install system-switch-displaymanager
system-switch-displaymanager gdm
systemctl enable gdm

Log off/on or press Alt+F2 then R to restart the display manager.

Super+L should now lock your screen.

  • Did not work for me on Fedora 27/Gnome 3.26.2 – Vongo Mar 23 '18 at 16:33

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