curl on the command-line displays progress like this:

  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
  8 1000M    8 85.2M    0     0    57k      0  1:06:13  0:05:38  1:00:35   47k

The speed displayed in this example is 47k. But what does this mean? Is this:

  • 47kiB, that is 47 * 1024 bytes
  • 47kB, that is, 47 * 1000 bytes
  • 47kb, that is, 47 * 1000 bits (bits are often used to measure speed)

And is it:

  • per second
  • or per minute?

What units does curl use for bandwidth?

According to the source code it is kiB per second.

Here you can see the definition uses 1024 and not 1000

/* The point of this function would be to return a string of the input data,
   but never longer than 5 columns (+ one zero byte).
   Add suffix k, M, G when suitable... */
static char *max5data(curl_off_t bytes, char *max5)
#define ONE_KILOBYTE  CURL_OFF_T_C(1024)



Here you can see the calculation is done in ms and then divided by 1000 to get seconds.

  /* Calculate the average speed the last 'span_ms' milliseconds */
    curl_off_t amount = data->progress.speeder[nowindex]-

    if(amount > CURL_OFF_T_C(4294967) /* 0xffffffff/1000 */)
      /* the 'amount' value is bigger than would fit in 32 bits if
         multiplied with 1000, so we use the double math for this */
      data->progress.current_speed = (curl_off_t)
      /* the 'amount' value is small enough to fit within 32 bits even
         when multiplied with 1000 */
      data->progress.current_speed = amount*CURL_OFF_T_C(1000)/span_ms;
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    I had to look this up, so hopefully this saves someone the effort: kiB is a kibibyte and you can search sites like this one to convert it to other units. – SteveLambert Apr 18 '17 at 19:25

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