I have set up a VPN on my Windows 10 computer by going into Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and hitting Alt and then going to File > New Incoming Connection... and setting up a Connect through the internet connection. I then went into my Comcast router control panel ( and set up a port forward connection that forwards my computer's IP ( at port 1723 type TCP/UDP (Although trying just TCP didn't work either).

I have the newest version of Android KitKat on my Droid Ultra. I can connect to a VPN in my device's settings. I put in type PPTP, server address xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1723 (My public IP) with PPP encryption (MPPE).

Now that is my whole setup; Except it doesn't work; It says Connecting... then Disconnected on my phone using my Verizon 4G LTE network. So what did I do wrong?

PS: I am doing this so I can connect to this VPN and then I can use ES File Explorer's LAN explorer to stream my movies to my phone over the internet.

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