Following very useful guidance by Friedrich Huebler on integrating Stata with Notepad++ I've added a set of run commands that are assigned to:

  • F9 - run selected line
  • F10 - run the whole file

I in addittion I have also created a macro that selects the current line, which is assigned to Ctrl + Shift + Enter. I usually run the commands in the following variants:

  1. Running Current Line

    1.1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter in order to select the current line.

    1.2. Press F9 to send the current line to Stata

  2. Running Current File

    2.1 Press Ctrl + S to save file

    2.2 Press F10 to send the whole file to Stata

Ideally, I would like to streamline that process. The ideal outcome would correspond to the following result:

  • Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter selects whole line and sends it to Stata
  • Key F10 saves the current file and sends it to Stata

Ideally I would like to edit the existing macro files so I can the Stata run commands to them.

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To select and run the current line:

  1. Install NppExec in Notepad++ Menu: Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager -> Find NppExec and install.

  2. Put the following code into NppExec's console: Plugins -> NppExec -> Execute...

    SCI_SENDMSG 2453
    SCI_SENDMSG 2452
    "C:\ado\rundolines.exe" "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

    And of course please change C:\ado\rundolines.exe to your path of rundolines.exe. Save it to a new script and give it a name.

  3. Put this new script into Notepad++'s menu: Plugins -> NppExec -> Advanced Options... -> Menu Item: choose your new script in "Associated script" and give it a name.

  4. Give this new menu item a shortcut via Settings -> Shortcut Mapper...

For save and send the whole file:

Create a new script in NppExec using the command npp_save:

"C:\ado\rundo.exe" "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

After creating a new menu item and shortcut binding, you are done.

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