Latest Kernel supports MPLS datapath in kernel, However there is no test program, or any guide how to write user space program to configure a MPLS datapath in kernel.

I browse the kernel code and found new address family is defined AF_MPLS and we can add new mpls route, delete mpls route and get mpls routes in/from the kernel.

#define PF_MPLS     AF_MPLS
rtnl_register(PF_MPLS, RTM_NEWROUTE, mpls_rtm_newroute, NULL, NULL);
rtnl_register(PF_MPLS, RTM_DELROUTE, mpls_rtm_delroute, NULL, NULL);
rtnl_register(PF_MPLS, RTM_GETROUTE, NULL, mpls_dump_routes, NULL);

Please provide guidance from where I can get the test program or How can I write the test program to configure MPLS datapath in Kernel.

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There seems to be not be much official documentation yet. This blog post explains how to setup a test network with two LERs (as separate network namespaces) and a LSR.

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