I recently installed Windows 10, and I wanted to compare the time it takes to boot on an SSD and an HDD. For inexplicable reasons, I figured that if I copy my :C partition on my SSD and create a duplicate partition on my HDD and boot from my HDD, I will start Windows from my HDD. But to me, it seems that no matter which drive I boot from, I always start Windows from the :C partition. Was my method in wrong that I just simply copy and paste an OS partition? If so, how can I correctly copy Windows to the HDD?

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Copying is not enough. You also have to add the new OS to the Bootmanager. If you had just installed it regularly on a partition on the HDD (this is what i recommend btw) this entry would have been added automatically. This way you have to add it manually.

Microsoft has an article about how to do that here. This is for Win7 and Win8.1 but Win10 works the same way as far as i could test it right now.

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