I want to Download (not install) Mono-complete for ubuntu 14.04 as well as ubuntu 12.04 .

  • Please Suggest How can i download? (my goal is to install it later on other system without internet. )

  • And which mono-complete version is best suited for ubuntu 14.04 and for ubuntu 12.04 platform.so that it gives complete/satisfactory memory management or garbage collection.

  • When i run .Net AppLication by Mono-Complete version 3.2.8 downloaded from synaptic ,it runs the application but gives mono-sgen crashed with SIGABRT error.But on the same lines when i run application from Sudo application runs but it does not crash but red circle comes on the desktop.I used modern dlls in my application

go into an empty directory. then either download mono-complete with apt-get download as far as I know it doesn't cover dependencies, but it also works if you have the package currently installed. second possibility is to do

apt-get --download-only -o Dir::Cache="./" -o Dir::Cache::archives="./" install mon-complete

to download mono and all of its dependencies which are required on this system as .deb packages

alternatively you can use something like keryx, an offline package manager. see the question on askubuntu.com for more information

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