Recently I received a "Blue Screen of Death".The error message I recieved was "A problem was detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.Error code:0x0000007B"

Steps taken to resolve this problem

1.Safe mode -- Does not seem to work,same result

2.Last known configuration -- Does not seem to work,same result

3.Windows Startup Repair -- Error message

   Boot Configuration is corrupt

   Repair action: Partition table repair
   Result:Failed Error Code = 0x490
   Time Taken:2637ms

4.Tried reinstalling windows

  Found the C drive where windows was installed, is not showing up in the list of drives.Shows D and E drive

5.Booted from Live OS(Ubuntu 14)

  Shows all the drives C,D and E.I had all my data backed up to my external harddisk.

Could someone please help me with this.


Error code 7b refers to your hard drive and/or controller. Boot from Windows 7 DVD. Choose "Repair my PC" and get the command prompt:

chkdsk /R c:

chkdsk /R d:

chkdsk /r E:

Then reboot.

If it works, After that you seriously want to consider getting a new hdd and cloning the data over and replacing the drive.


The hard drive could be packed up resulting in loss of data at the later stage if only repaired...

My advice would be to remove that HDD, plug it on a different machine as a slave to perform your backups, then format the entire hard to confirm its consistency, reinstall the OS, then restore your data.

If all that fails, replace hard drive

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