I want to be able to automatically restore proper folders in Far Manager's panels in ALL ConEmu tabs (not just the last closed one). However, the option in ConEmu Startup - Autosave/restore opened tabs - Far folders also is always disabled and unchecked, so I cannot check it:

ConEmu options

How do I enable this feature, so that when I start ConEmu, it will restore all Far processes and tabs with their proper folders?


One way to change the startup directory is to manually edit your settings file, ConEmu.xml. This is most commonly going to located at %appdata%/ConEmu.xml.

Once you have the file open, search for the term <key name="&lt;Startup&gt;" then edit the data attribute of each value child element that represents a command prompt by the name attribute.

<key name="&lt;Startup&gt;" modified="2016-06-22 14:54:00" build="160619">
    <value name="GuiArgs" type="string" data=""/>
    <value name="Cmd1" type="string" data="-cur_console:d:C:\Dev\dashboard &quot;%ConEmuDir%\..\Git\git-cmd.exe&quot; --no-cd --command=usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i"/>
    <value name="Cmd2" type="string" data="&gt; -cur_console:fs1T50H -cur_console:d:C:\Dev\dashboard &quot;%ConEmuDir%\..\Git\git-cmd.exe&quot; --no-cd --command=usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i"/>
    <value name="Cmd3" type="string" data="-cur_console:bs1T50V -cur_console:d:C:\RethinkDB &quot;%ConEmuDir%\..\Git\git-cmd.exe&quot; --no-cd --command=usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i"/>
    <value name="Cmd4" type="string" data="-cur_console:bs2T50V -cur_console:d:C:\Dev\backend &quot;%ConEmuDir%\..\Git\git-cmd.exe&quot; --no-cd --command=usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i"/>
    <value name="Active" type="long" data="2"/>
    <value name="Count" type="long" data="4"/>

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