I own an original Windows 7 OS, and downloaded the update for Windows 10. After installation of files comes the installation of drivers and related files. The computer then reboots into Windows 10 bootscreen and I get a BSOD with the error message "page fault in nonpaged area." The computer proceeds to reboot a few times trying to recover the installation, then recovers the original OS. I have tried to fix this by modifying certain cache options in the system's properties. I have also ran an in depth hard drive scan. I know this error message could be due to a bad driver or a bad RAM, but I have failed to identify what is the error's source. Note that I am not getting this error with the Windows 7 OS.


...usually occurs after the installation of faulty hardware or in the event of failure of installed hardware (usually related to defective RAM, be it main memory, L2 RAM cache, or video RAM).

Another common cause is the installation of a faulty system service.

Antivirus software can also trigger this error, as can a corrupted NTFS volume.

Hopefully this can help guide you: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff559023(v=vs.85).aspx

  • In my case this was due to a memory overclock I had in place - removing the overclock allowed Windows to install. – alexpls Mar 15 '20 at 0:00

If you have multiple sticks of ram, try pulling one out and doing the install again.

I have a 7 year old laptop with 2 2gig sticks in it. I had tried everything I could find, and had run memtests for hours. Then, based on an answer in another forum I removed one stick (which got it to 2gig),and the install worked! I then reinstalled the ram and it worked fine!

Guess the windows 10 install routine is extra sensitive to multiple ram sticks.

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