I've just upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 on my Microsoft Surface Pro. OneDrive is telling me it cannot use the current location I had configured in Windows 8.1, which was located on my 128GB SD-card.

I've tried the usual suspects with the mklink command-line utility to create a symbolic directory link from C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive to D:\OneDrive like:

mklink /d C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive D:\OneDrive


mklink /j C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive D:\OneDrive

and even:

mklink /j C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive2 D:\OneDrive
mklink /d C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive2

Nothing works. When I open OneDrive, it asks me for the location of my OneDrive folder, which I the point to C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive, however, it keeps saying:

Your OneDrive folder can't be created in the location you selected.

I'm now in the middle of creating a .VHDX on the SD-Card, and mounting that in C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive, which I presume will work; however is there a nicer way? Perhaps some registry tweak? Perhaps a big hammer?


As of today this is now officially supported. Simply pick the removable drive you want to use.



I managed to use SD card by mounting it to c:\sd using diskmgmt.msc

The dialog to select the folders will still however think that you have as much space as c:, so add the data in parts to fool it.

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