In Windows 10, how can I avoid getting search results that link to files online in OneDrive (and open a web browser when you click them) when those files also reside locally? I want just the local files, so that when I choose a result, the local app opens.

For background, here the problem report I submitted via the Windows 10 Feedback app:

For OneDrive files that also reside locally, the search results show the online version first.

This isn't a problem with searching file names, but it is with searching file contents. For example, suppose I have a file in "OneDrive\Documents" named "Mustelidae.doc", which includes the word "weasel". The file exists in the cloud and on my hard drive. If I type "weasel" into Search, the first results are "OneDrive:\Documents\Mustelidae.doc" along with all my other OneDrive files with "weasel" in them. Finally, almost completely scrolled off the screen, are the same documents listed again under the heading "This Device". The "Mustelidae.doc" in that list is the one I want, since it will open Word, not a web page.

If you really want to be smart about this, keep the OneDrive section (since OneDrive files are usually more relevant than files outside OneDrive) but detect the files are available locally, and have the items in the OneDrive section link locally. Then exclude the duplicates from the "This Device" section. If you don't have time to go that far, at least provide an option to turn off the "OneDrive" section of the results.

  • I just experienced this for the first time this evening, very frustrating. I searched for song, Cortana found it, but when I clicked the file name my browser opened up. Another case of Microsoft almost getting it right but actually taking a retrograde step from Windows 7. – Philip Stratford Jun 2 '16 at 22:42

I figured it out. When you get the seach result, don't left-click, right-click instead and click open file location. that opens win explorer with the file highlighted. So then immediately click enter and it opens locally!!!!

  • This doesn't disable getting search results for non-local files. This just describes, opening the folder location of a file in the search results, which has not actually changed. – Ramhound Mar 1 '18 at 16:27

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