So, I've had the update for about a week and honestly I've been loving it so far. Only problem was I couldn't regulate screen brightness which was stuck at 100%. But I chose to ignore this, until today when it dropped down to minimum. I almost can't read the screen unless I move to a dark room like I did to type this post =/

Adaptive screen brightness is disabled.

I'm using a Lenovo IdeaPad Z400. I tried to update drivers but Lenovo hasn't released any updates for Windows 10. Can anybody please help? I can barely use my computer like this, it's very frustrating :(

EDIT: I tried this solution offered on a similar post and it didn't work:

Search for Device Manager in Start Menu
Expand the Monitors section
Right click on Generic PnP Monitor and
Click on Enable and you are good!

The Generic PnP Monitor was already on so this wasn't the problem.

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I finally know the answer - and it's not pleasant. This solution on Reddit partially solved my problem:

So I managed to fix the Brightness problem on my Lenovo Z500 (non-touch) here's what I did

1 Downloaded the Intel Video Drivers for 8.1 off the Lenovo Website

2 Ran the unpacker but >did not install< once unpacked

3 Navigated to C:\Drivers\Intel Video Driver\

(On mine there are two folders like this http://prntscr.com/7z1wrq[1] )

4 Inside 9.17.xxx right click setup -> run as administrator

5 Run installer

Once it finished I was able to change brightness again

Problem is, the driver doesn't work perfectly, so it would raise brightness to the maximum and it'd be stuck there. If I tried to lower it, it would drop to min and I'd have to reinstall the driver again. I chose to use the screen on max brightness for a while, until I got tired of this and other compatibility problems and decided to go back to 8.1


Pressing F3 will give you a little brightness changer in the top left. You can click on that and adjust your brightness.

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    That's Volume no brightness !! – Bishoy Hanna Sep 1 '15 at 0:44
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    The button changes based on the computer, not all computers will use F3 or even have a button binded to change brightness (e.g. my Surface Pro 3). – boxspah Apr 28 '16 at 3:49

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