I have a computer with only an HDMI output and a monitor with only a VGA input. I would like to have the computer extend its display onto the monitor.

However, I have read that VGA outs cannot be converted to HDMI ins, but have seen nothing that implies the opposite. And logically, I would think that a higher def technology (HDMI) should be convertible to a lower def technology (VGA).

  1. Is this setup possible?
  2. If yes to 1, what do you recommend I use to connect them?

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VGA to HDMI converters are very common, someone lied to you. As for your HDMI to VGA, 1 needs to be supported by your video card, 2 is what you need (ymmv, but the amazon comments look good), 3 is a VGA to HDMI, opposite of what you want.

Alternatively, spend a couple of bucks and upgrade to a newer monitor. Get in this century.

  • Lie is maybe a too strong word here, because you don't know the exact circumstances, I suggest to make it nicer. (Btw, your answer is enough good for an up.) – peterh May 26 '16 at 7:11

You need a converter like the one you linked to at option 2. HDMI is digital signal which should be converted to analog VGA signal using a DAC like this which is supposed to be embedded in such converters. Simple wiring won't do the trick.

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