How do I get the videos that I record from the camera from my iPod Nano 5th gen onto my computer? Is there a way to do it with iTunes, because I can't find it.

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I've never done it, but I found some decent looking instructions here:

For Windows:

1 Connect iPod nano (5th generation) to your computer.

2 In iTunes, click iPod in the device list.

3 Click the Summary tab.

4 If "Enable disk use" is not checked, select the checkbox and click the Apply button.

You will now be able to copy recorded videos to your PC.

Using Windows Explorer or My Computer on your PC, the iPod nano will appear on the computer as an external disk with the same name you gave the iPod during the initial setup in iTunes.

The DCIM folder on iPod nano stores your recorded video. You can copy this folder to your computer so that you can view the video on your PC, or to back up the video files.

Once the recorded video is copied to your PC, double-click on the file to watch the video using QuickTime or Windows Media Player. See the documentation that came with your computer for assistance.

For Mac: (using iPhoto)

To copy your recorded video from your iPod nano to iPhoto, you first need to make sure the "Enable disk use" checkbox is selected for your iPod within iTunes.

1 Connect your iPod to your computer.

2 Open iTunes (version 9 or later).

3 Select your iPod in the Source pane.

4 Select the Summary tab.

5 Enable disk use and select the Apply button.

Import your recorded videos from iPod nano (5th generation) to iPhoto

1 Open the iPhoto application if it doesn't open automatically.

2 Click iPod in the iPhoto device list.

3 Select the video or videos to import. Click Import Selected or Import All.

4 After the video or videos have been imported into iPhoto, choose either Delete Photos or Keep Photos when prompted to "Delete Photos on Your Camera." Your recorded video or videos will appear in your iPhoto Library under the section for Events and Photos and in the Recent category for Last Import.

To watch the video in iPhoto, double-click the recorded video.

Hope that helps.

  • Thank you. That did. I figured iTunes would have a built in feature to handle this, but the enable disk use thing makes sense too.
    – slolife
    Jan 15, 2010 at 17:56
  • No problem, glad it worked. :) Jan 15, 2010 at 22:04

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