That is. I have enabled AutoAdminLogon feature, but after boot, the system says: "we cannot connect right now. Please try again later" (or something like that, I have Russian localization). And I can see that only after that message shown, wifi icon at the bottom right corner changes to 'connected' state. What could be the reason for this?


What could be the reason for this?

Because depending on WiFi as your primary connection during boot sucks, and is generally a bad idea (especially on a domain) since the WiFi driver/connection often doesn't kick in right away after boot (or worse, not until the user has actually logged in).

Possible solution:

Check with your WiFi manufacturer for a utility that will ensure the WiFi connection is up before the login is allowed. I know Intel WiFi adapters generally have this option once you install the full Wireless ProSet drivers and utilities.

Intel refers to that feature as "Pre-Logon Connect" (PLC), which is a sub-future of what they refer to as Single Sign On (SSO). More Info

  • Unfortunately, I have tp-link archer t4u and there are no vendor drivers yet. But microsoft's driver works well except the described issue. I found out that if I unplug the wifi dongle before power on, I cannot auto login with the same error message, but if I enter password, I can. Maybe the issue is not related to internet? – Grief Aug 11 '15 at 18:53

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