I'm trying to create an alias for vim to execute vimx. After creating a new terminal when I try to auto complete vi, I get the following error:

fish: The file 'vim' is not executable by this user
/usr/local/share/fish/functions/__fish_complete_vi.fish (line 4): begin; command vim --version 
in . (source) call of file “-”,
    called on line 37 of file “/usr/local/share/fish/functions/__fish_complete_vi.fish”,

in function “__fish_complete_vi”,
    called on line 3 of file “/usr/local/share/fish/completions/vim.fish”,
    with parameter list “vim”

in . (source) call of file “/usr/local/share/fish/completions/vim.fish”,
    called on standard input,

in command substitution
    called on standard input,

I'm assuming this has something to do with the built in auto complete in fish for vim thinking that the vim command actually now exists (even though its just an alias).

My fish config contains the following:

function vim
    command vimx $argv

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