I am constructing a bus timetable.

I am starting with a base time of 9am (Cell B2), with irregular intervals:

    B         C         D
2  09:00    10:30     12:00
3  09:05
4  09:12
5  10:14
6  10:20

When the bus comes back to the depot it will depart again at 10:30 (Cell C2), and 12:00 (Cell D2) the third time.

Is there a formula so that the time intervals given in rows B2:B6, can be mimicked in rows C3:C6, and D3:D6?

I can PM image if needed!


Type in C3:

= $B3 - $B2 + C2

$B3 - $B2 gets the time interval from 1 stop to the other, and + C2 is to add this time interval to C2.

Copy this formula to C3:D6 to complete the table.


On C3 put =$C$2+(B3-$B$2) and copy and paste the formula to all the cells you need on columns C and D.

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