For some reason, smooth scrolling (using the mouse wheel) was replaced on Windows 10 (in my case, at least) with scrolling of entire page and sometimes even more.

I see this on those apps for now:

  • IE
  • Edge
  • Android-Studio.
  • Chrome
  • Notepad++

Except for Android Studio, it's much worse, as it jumps more than a whole page.

That's even though I've set smooth scrolling on the mouse setting, and even on the apps themselves (including the special flag on Chrome).

How could it be? Is it a known issue? How can I fix this?


Here's a couple settings I found, which you can tweak in Windows 10 to create smoother scrolling throughout the entire OS:

  1. Method #1: Right click on the Windows start button to start in the context menu and follow these steps: System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Uncheck "smooth-scroll list boxes" > Click "Apply" > "OK" > "OK."

  2. Method #2: Open Control Panel > Mouse > Wheels tab. Here you can change the figure from 3, to 2 or even 1 if you wish. This will make any page or document to scroll 1 line at a time. If you change this setting, it would be changed system-wide, ie. for your documents as well as browsers.

  3. To accomplish browser-only smooth scrolling, try the following:

I hope this is helpful.

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    Method #1 seems to have cleared up 95% of the weirdness I was experiencing from scrolling. Additionally I'd already tweaked the setting described in Method #2, and I turn it up. I want fast but precise scrolling. +1 – Endophage Dec 23 '16 at 6:58

I was facing the same irritating problem. I have the correct drivers and everything. However, I think scrolling one screen at a time is what was causing the problem. So here's how I updated that setting to make things nice again:

  • Go to the mouse settings window (follow sub-steps if you don't know how)
    • Click on the cog-wheel icon in the Start menu to access the settings
    • Click on Devices
    • Click on Mouse and touchpad
    • Click the link down below that says Additional mouse options
  • Click on the Wheel tab - it should appear if your mouse is properly connected and drivers are properly installed
  • Change vertical scroll from one screen at a time to a number of lines ata a time. I set it to 10, however, you can set it to anything you prefer.

Hope it helps! Happy scrolling!

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