How do you color the background of a cell based on a check box? More to the point, I have created a check box that is in a cell. I want that cell to be green when the check box is checked and red when it's not.


Lets say your checkbox is in cell A1 and if checked it returns a value of true. Then the logical functions looks like this

=IF(A1 = "true" ;0;1)


=IF(A1 = "true" ; "then this value" ; "else this other value")

Problem was that the conditional does not work on text or string values that's why we go with this example:

=IF(A1 = "true" ;0;1)

Now if we follow this link: http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/201/dynamic-cell-background-color/ it says to select all cells you want

  • Select te range to format. Menue Format->Conditinal Formatting >Conditinal Formatting. In the wndow click Add, some prefilled drop-down boxes appear:
  • Select Top left: "All Cells" Center "Color Scale (2 Entries)",

and then we do not set min/max we check the value like: enter image description here

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