Saw this in process hacker after I upgraded to Windows 10, it (dllhost.exe) seems to be constantly launching and closing rundll32. BackgroundTaskHost, and backgroundTransfereHost are also starting and stopping (by svchost).

enter image description here

Is this normal? Or is is something I need to worry about... Thanks!


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Ok, from the xperf Trace I can see that the BackgroundTaskHost and backgroundTransferHost processes belong to Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager. On twitter I found a comment, that this belongs to framework which allows apps to show advertisements/Suggestions.

Seams to be valid, but I can't see why they are called so often and if this is normal. I've removed all that app related things and run a Win10 in a VM which is nearly a Win7 so I can't tell you too many things about all this app things running in Windows 10.

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