PowerPoint allows you to record an entire presentation with audio and animation timings synced, but you cannot re-record both for an individual slide.

For instance, let's say I recorded a 40-minute talk over 20 slides. I messed something up on slide #17, which has audio and animation on it. I just want to re-record slide #17 without changing the rest of the recording.

(You can replace the audio, but even that's cumbersome.)


I felt like a genius when I realized I could copy the slide I wanted to re-record to a new PowerPoint, record the entire presentation (which is just one slide), and then copy and paste that back into the much larger presentation.

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    This is such a good solution. Direct, simply, no-nonsense. I wonder what is preventing this from proliferating into the ether. Thank you so much for sharing. – user36800 Nov 14 '16 at 22:19

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