Everything was working good with graphics drivers until I had to replace the motherboard of my HP m6 Envy 1214TX laptop computer.

Upon fresh Windows 8 Pro OS installation, I could see WDDM drivers which were installed by default:

enter image description here

Next, I downloaded the Intel Graphics and Chipset Drivers from manufacturer's site here.

When I tried to install the Graphics driver I get an error:

enter image description here

Next I downloaded the drivers from Intel's site recommended by Intel Driver Detect Utility but after installing I started to get BSoD errors related Paging fault, Memory Management etc. It's not the RAM since I have checked and tested it twice from BIOS and benchmarking tool. So, BSoD only started to happen after installing the drivers.

After uninstalling them, I used a freeware utility called "DriveTheLife" to find compatible drivers. Surprisingly I was able to install the drivers (which appeared to be outdated from 2013) but Windows 8 OS doesn't seem to detect them:

enter image description here

What can I further do to resolve this?

  • Remove all graphiccard drivers you have installed from "Device Manager" and "programs and features"
  • Try this app "driverbooster" it's more better for graphic cards drivers.

  • Restart your PC


Uninstall the intel driver reeboot and try this driver from hp


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