Installing Windows 10 on a new PC for a friend. After the install, the menu fonts render poorly and in general fonts throughout all applications look really poor. Example:

windows 10 font

Tried upgrading the latest video drivers (did nothing of course). Verified that the monitor is set at its native resolution and DPI is at 100%. Anything else I could be missing?

  • I don't see a problem at all with the text. Can you further explain what you're talking about? My screen may be too small and I'm not noticing the same thing.
    – DrZoo
    Aug 16, 2015 at 19:29
  • It looks like you have cleartype turned off. See Turn off or on Clear Type Text in Windows 10
    – DavidPostill
    Aug 16, 2015 at 19:58
  • Yeah what is crazy is that this image I uploaded looks just fine. I am severely confused at this point. On the screen it looks awful (and hence the screenshot should too). It does seem like a ClearType issue, but that is all enabled. Very odd.
    – Rob Lauer
    Aug 18, 2015 at 18:01

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You may need to adjust the ClearType settings.

Go to Settings → System.


Then Display → scoll down to Advanced display settings at the bottom.


Then under Related Settings, select ClearType text and follow the prompts.



They switched to different scaling in Win10 as opposed to Win8, and this is a major problem. There is a tool that reverts scaling algorithm back to Win8-style and the fonts look so much better after that. Try googling Windows10_DPI_FIX for the tool. This fixes 90% of the fonts, still there are some applications where the fix is not helpful, like pdf viewer inside Chrome browser. Have to find solution for these yet...

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